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  1. I camped here two times now and didn’t have a great experience with Yogi Bear’s Jelly stone either time. First off, I think this place is expensive for camping. The customer service is terrible. You have to call all day to actually get a hold of a person. I’m sorry, I don’t want to leave a message and give you my work or cell phone number to call me back or sell this info to someone else.

    This year is what broke the camels back and is going to be the reason for me never camping at Yogi Bear’s Jelly Stone ever again. I initially paid the $147 to secure the camp site for 2 nights. Later I called to add a couple friend of our site. An expensive $80 more. I finally got a hold of someone, which is no easy task, and went through the steps and they took the payment with the same CC I gave them initially.

    Little while later, they informed me that my CC was declined. I thought this was usual and checked my credit card statement and the $80 charge was pending. I called them back at least a dozen times and finally got a hold of someone. They informed me that the charge was declined. I informed them that the charge was already showing up as pending on my credit card online. They wouldn’t acknowledge this and stuck with their statement that the card was declined. So, I just want to go camping and gave them another CC number.

    Sure enough, today I check the statements and have an $80 charge on both credit cards. I called Yogi Bear’s Jelly stone back (again no easy task to actually get a hold of a person) informing them that they charged both of my credit cards. They deny this and are still trying to tell me they didn’t charge the first cc. They refused to refund one of my credit cards. I asked them which card they charged and they told me, and it was the second card. So I called the CC company and disputed the charge on the first CC. I’ll let the credit card company sort it out.

    I’m going camping here in two weeks and just hope not to have issues now when checking in. This certainly isn’t a pleasant thought going into my vacation weekend with friends.

    This is the last year I’m ever going camping Yogi Bear’s Jelly Stone campground. Only a full refund and free camping weekend would change my mind. I warn all of you, double check your CC statements when booking a campsite at Yogi Bear’s Jelly Stone campground. Not only is it expensive, they also double charge. They are either incompetent or trying to commit fraud, bottom line.

  2. My family of five stayed in a deluxe cabin for one week. It was well stocked with dishes, silverware, cooking utensils and pans (which the website said to bring all these things) . It was very clean when we arrived, I double checked everything because of some of the reviews on here, but found that everything was cleaned very well. It had a TV with cable and the A/C worked perfectly. Customer service was on point- I arrived an hour before check in and our cabin was ready and we got the keys within 10 minutes. All the children’s activities started on time (except once, and a staff member came to our site, apologized, and told us it was 30minutes later then planned)

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