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  1. We came back to the White Birches because this is where we stayed seven years ago when my husband proposed to me on Mt Washington. We were celebrating our 6th year anniversary. Only, something went terribly wrong with our truck. We could not use it or leave the campground in our ATV. I was stressed and went in to the store to bounce ideas off of Jen. She responded that her husband Bob would take our trailer down to the trails and we could enjoy our anniversary by riding the trails and stopping somewhere for dinner. He picked us up after and brought us back to the campground. We wanted to offer him something for all his kindness but he refused and just said “happy anniversary “
    If that wasn’t accommodating enough he drove our trailer to Berlin the next day because we couldn’t tow it and Bob told us we could leave our truck if we wanted until we were able to get it fixed-amazing and beyond nice!
    Anyhow, both he and Jen made what could have been a lousy couple of days very enjoyable!
    We will always remember their hospitality and kindness.
    I would recommend White Birches to anyone . It’s clean, it’s a lovely area, great owners, and a beautiful gorge off into the woods; cold but refreshing.
    We will be back ( if we get our truck fixed)😳😉

  2. Loved this place. Quiet campground with everything we needed. Accommodating and a great value. Thank you

  3. Just be aware, if you cancel, its $25. I missed it, had to cancel, 6 weeks before we were going. Been camping for 40 years, never got whacked liked that. Not like it was 2 days before. See ya, never will go or recommend.

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