5 Replies to “Tripoli Rd Camping Area”

  1. Like any other campsite/campground much of the experience depends on your neighbors. The sites are far apart which is good because there is a fair bit of partying and if you are planning on getting up early to hike it could be annoying. Choose wisely.
    Don’t buy wood from the guy before the gate, his wood is green and doesn’t burn well!

  2. I take my kids camping here every summer; starting our summer camping with a big group Memorial Camping trip. It’s a great place to camp with family and friends or even solo.

    Right now it is currently closed due to previous campers who decided it was smart to leave food out so bears could get to it. Intentionally or unintentionally, to those people…thanks for ruining it for the rest of us who actually abide by the rules knowing there’s a legitimate reason why those rules are to be strictly enforced.

  3. Cool spot to camp at. Rustic/ primitive campsites. A few port a jons. First come first serve sites, no reservations. It can get pretty busy during the summer

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