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  1. The Wayside is a really nice place to eat, whether weekend brunch or a nice dinner. They have cloth napkins and delightful specials like lamb, but don’t act all stuffy. The staff make you feel like you belong, even the first time you visit. Definitely save room for dessert – Chef has a real knack for them.

    On the inn side, we happily recommend it to anyone staying in the area.

  2. Very nice experience overall, will be returning. This is unusual, we almost never return to most places around here because there’s almost always some kind of deal breaker, usually food-related. Not here.

    Under new ownership for around a year, and I’m very encouraged by the food we had. Fresh ingredients, prepared with care, flavored well without overshadowing the main elements, sensible portion sizes, food was piping hot when it was served, etc. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to go somewhere that isn’t making the obvious and unnecessary mistakes that get made nearly everywhere else up in the North Country. Not only is the food good, the value is superb.

    Location: I love it. Sure, it may not have been updated recently, but it has real character. It’s very cozy, quiet, the lighting is perfect, music is just audible not overbearing, and the view of the river is just gorgeous and unspoiled by road noise, a very rare treat.

    Service: excellent. Friendly, genuine, and appropriately attentive.

  3. We had a mixed experience. My wife is gluten free and sometimes things have to be cooked differently to accomodate. In this case they tried baking items that would usually be fried. Everything ended up soggy. Probably not their fault.

  4. We are locals and this is one of our favorite places Sarah and her staff are friendly and attentive. Oh the food is awesome as well. Outdoor dining along the Ammonoosuc River is just the perfect end to the day.

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