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  1. We have been camping at Silver Lake Campground for five -plus years. The hospitality of the owners is second to none and they’re always willing to go the extra mile for you. We stayed here recently and somehow managed to lock both sets of keys to our travel trailer inside. We called a 24 hour locksmith who had us just leave a message. I eventually inquired, at the office, whether they knew of someone. Pam made a call for us, the guy showed and unlocked it for us, all in less than 20 minutes. Always a pleasant experience to stay at Silver Lake!

  2. The cabin (cabin # 6) was only ok. The bathroom is extremely small, there was barely enough room to turn around in it. The ac doesn’t work all that great. The futon and the bed are both uncomfortable & both of the TV’s are smaller than my computer & very hard to watch. It was very well maintained but by the guests not the owners. They want you to do everything for them or else they charge you. For the money you pay they should be doing everything under the sun to make you happy not the other way around. It is not worth the money. It would be nice for a family but not so great for a couple trying to get away & relax for a couple of days.

  3. Nice Clean well maintained restrooms showers, groomed beach crystal clear water. Be careful on entry with long rig, best to go past site and turn around. I like the security gate access. Just use caution on entry. Rhody.

  4. My wife & I came here again this year after renting the same cabin here last summer.The cabins are beautiful,clean and have everything you need.The campground is also very well kept,is secure,has a nice beach on the lake,very kid friendly.And both times we stayed the surroundings were very peaceful.Will be back next year.

  5. Friendly hosts, immaculate cabin, quiet and peaceful and small crystal clear lake. I went with my 9 year old grandson and there were plenty of activities at the camp and locally for people of all ages. I would definitely book there again and recommend it to friends.

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