4 Replies to “Rustic Log Cabins”

  1. It is quiet and cozy. Very limited amenities at the cabin, but the host is accomodating and very friendly. The babbling stream is perfect for falling asleep. Fresh air and a cozy log cabin. Truth in advertising!

  2. We stayed at the Rustic Log Cabins for a long weekend. We loved the location, the ambiance and the privacy. This was a second stay here and Alana was fantastic. We did have an issue with the WiFi and the jacuzzi tub generating enough hot water but Alana gave us a monetary reimbursement and a generous credit towards our next stay to make up for it! She has since addressed the issue and we look forward to our next stay! 🙂

  3. These cabins are the perfect combo of camping and hotel. It was the perfect atmosphere lighting a fire in the fireplace, making dinner, and relaxing in the jacuzzi. Perfect for my wife and I’s winter honeymoon.

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