4 Replies to “Russell Pond Campground”

  1. One of the best campgrounds I’ve been to. My friends and I have been coming here for years. The sites are very well kept and the staff is extremly friendly and always treat us like family. There are hikes in the campground that are very scenic and worth the walk. The views are great and is the perfect place to bring the family on a nice New Hampshire vacation.

  2. Very, very, very confusing and frustrating to navigate and make sense of the campgrounds and layout. Very little important info can be found in or around the camp area. No help can be found. Very expensive to camp here so beware. Make sure not to breath, you may have to pay for that. If you don’t pay, you could get fined. 👎😠👎

  3. Beware of mosquitoes!! My daughter got so much mosquito bites all over her body even though I had used the spray on her. The pond has leech and they would suck your blood out. The area is definitely not kids friendly. Deep slopes right around your campsites and you will be stressing out watching your kids run the whole time without being able to enjoy your time there. I dont recommend this place

  4. Would have been 5 star but my good time was ruined by a very, very mean employee who literally yelled at me and front a bunch of people outside the bathrooms and forced me to describe my disability to him (and subsequently all of them) because I had to drive to the restroom in order to not have an accident. Every other staff person was awesome and Helpful. But there’s no fixing that. The bathrooms weren’t clean though. He should spend more time cleaning the bathrooms instead of harassing people.

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