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  1. really disappointing… We wanted to stay here. You say you’re open year-round… We show up and the gate is locked and no one is answering the phone. Too bad we ended up staying up the street at a different Campground

  2. The bathrooms need lots of work I been going here since 2009 and it’s all ways been bad! Last year the pool was green hopefully something better will be coming the best part about being there is leavening!
    I’m sorry for the bad review but it’s true there’s more too! The candy claw broke when my brother was using it that’s pretty bad!

  3. We had our wedding at Roger’s Campground, 6/1/2019.
    The office staff, tried SO very hard to accommodate our needs, Shayna, Katie, and Heather, went ABOVE AND BEYOND to do everything possible to make our wedding perfect. (We booked our wedding there, specifically for the pavilion and on-site hotel a year prior, and none of these girls worked there when I booked it, so they did our best to accommodate our needs.)

    The girls tried their best with what they had to play with…. it’s not there call or money to do all the upgrades, but they were able to do some painting, fix the fire pit, clean the hotel rooms perfectly (even though very outdated).

    The whole campground, including pavilion, pool houses, cabins, motel rooms, etc. need a complete over hall. Our guests were not happy that there were no Refrigerators, boxed TV’s, outdated comforters, etc., you also must pay for WiFi, which I don’t think is acceptable, especially this day in age. (I was not aware of any of this.) The lawns were extremely high as well, among-st other issues. This was the biggest complaint from our guests, was no refrigerator, dresser, or cable that weekend….BUT they only charged us HALF price for the hotel rooms! I thought that was VERY nice and pleased with the outcome.

    They also wouldn’t move the stacked picnic tables right next to our pavilion, so some of our wedding pictures, I wasn’t happy with, because it’s an eye sore, as well as the equipment in the background….. I was embarrassed by a lot of the issues, to be honest, especially only having one bathroom by 8:00pm for 130 people, the other three broke.) I was also promised a golf cart for free, to get around when I booked the wedding, and when I went to get it, I had to pay…. AGAIN, it was not the girls fault.
    This could be such a perfect place to have a wedding, it’s a GOLD MINE, but it needs updating! I know they are in the process of updating more!

    On a positive note, I wouldn’t change where we got married, because the views are spectacular, and the girls are SO pleasant to work with. WE were able to have a fire, indoor/outdoor wedding, pig roast, and we didn’t end our wedding until after mid-night. EVERYONE had a great time!

    Thank you, again, to all the office girls who helped and tried they’re VERY best to make it the best that they could have. I wish we could have tipped you all thousands of dollars for all your efforts, it did not go un noticed! You all are an ASSET to Roger’s Campground.

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