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  1. We just finished tubing on the Pemi River with tubes rented from the Pemi River Campground. What an amazing experience!! We paid $20/person to be driven from the campground to about 5 miles away where we were dropped off along with our massive tubes provides by the campground. We were not staying at the campground (which I will definitely be doing in the near future!), but the excursion was still available to the general public. It was so cool and so much fun and peaceful and beautiful! The staff was kind, efficient and accommodating. This has been one of the greatest experiences of our vacation and I can’t recommend checking out the Pemi River Campground enough! $20 for 3 hours of bliss is more than worth it! Five very enthusiastic stars! 😁

  2. My friends and I stayed one night at the Pemi River Campground for the fourth of July. Once we got there we checked in and went to our reserved campsite, we then were going to drive to the top of the river but ended up getting a shuttle which was awesome! We got to get off the river and head straight to the campfire, extremely exhausted and hungry because of the sun and the river being so low (we had to walk a decent chunk of it). One of my friends had gone to get pizza and came back, I personally did not see him “speeding” but a man in a golf cart came flying in (and I have to say he was certainly whipping through the campground himself). He asked whose truck came in and then proceeded to scream at my friend and call him a “f***ing moron” at least four times. when I tried to deescalate the situation and my friend apologized he then proceeded to scream “get the f*** out of here” after a few minutes of hearing him scream in a he instructed the my friend to park out front and walk into the park. which he did right away, and very slow. I can understand how if you are someone whose job it is to make sure the campground is safe why he would say something but I do believe at the end of the day there has to be some respect for your guests. We also were not the only ones with unpleasant interactions with this man. Our campsite neighbors came of to reassure us that he had been to their site several times and accused them of cutting down a tree. Which they clearly did not! Honestly the campground itself was beautiful, and seems like a great place for a family summer getaway beside the totally unprofessional staff. Other than that we had a wonderful time at this campground, very well maintained, clean and the bathrooms are very well kept, I would give it four stars if it was just us who had that experience but I gave it three because we were not the only campers with uncomfortable, embarrassing and unprofessional interactions with him!

  3. I took my family of five tubing through this outfit last week. Only three stars for the overly aggressive ‘security’ guy. I am a very conservative driver especially around children. As we pulled into the campground, less than 10mph from the highway and decelerating, the old man wearing a security t-shirt was frantically waving his arms up ahead. He approached my window and placed his hands inside on the door trim which I did not appreciate. He then proceeded to tell me I needed to go 1 MPH through the campground in an extremely rude tone. I am a retired military officer who has lived and driven on many military posts which aggressively enforce speed limits. This driving habit persists with me to this day. My speed was not excessive. This ‘security’ guy was lucky I did not physically remove his hands from the interior of my vehicle. Aside from this moron, our tubing experience was great. Having seen the other review which complains about this very same thing, I feel validated in my reaction to this employee.

  4. Really enjoyed our tubing trip down the river. They were able to accommodate a large group. A bit unorganized but once we all found tubes and got loaded everything went smooth and we had a blast.

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