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  1. Although we went during off-season (Spring) Pemi Cabins were a quiet getaway spot to relax with my Queen. We were pleasantly surprised how inexpensive it was and how accommodating Kim and Rick are with their guests. The cabin we stayed in was perfect for the two of us! They offer coffee in the morning and a gift shop to browse before you leave. Being located on RT 3 in Lincoln NH it’s roughly 10 minutes away from Main Street where you can find restaurants, shops, grocery stores, tourist attractions, and more. If you take a quick walk from your cabin you can chill right on The Pemigewassett River, which actually runs directly behind the Pemi Cabins. We will absolutely be back to Pemi Cabins in the future.

  2. One of our fave places on earth! We’ve been going there every winter for a few years now, and we just love the tranquility. Listening to the sound of Pemi river in the back with the smell coming from the wood-burning fireplace is all you need on a snowy winter day. Owners and staff are so friendly and welcoming. The best part is, it’s pet friendly! Can’t wait to go back this summer and do some hiking in the White Mountains!

  3. Was there in July in Cabin 12. Could not stand the heat without an AC. Had to keep every window open plus the plug-in fan going nonstop just to survive. Problem was, there were no outlets in the bedrooms so the fan couldn’t reach us in the evening when trying to sleep. The bedrooms did not have any cross-ventilation so we were stuffy and sweaty all night long. Also, since we had to keep the windows open, anyone from the road could easily see right into our bedroom at night if we had any light on. Plus, with the windows open all night long, we kept being awoken by cars driving down the road right outside our windows.
    Additionally, the cabin was falling apart. The floor was tilted and uneven in many places. Seems like maybe there is structural damage that needs to be addressed. The bathroom floor had major water damage near the shower. The linoleum was buckled and tilting toward the river. All of the uneven floors made it hard to walk. Every time you sat on the toilet, the toilet shifted precariously, and is clearly not secure.
    Since the bedrooms didn’t have any electrical outlets, I could not use my cellphone as an alarm because I couldn’t charge it. I also couldn’t put the fan in the bedroom for some relief, as noted above. I had to literally go to RiteAid, buy a spray bottle and spray myself down with water all night long until my sheets were damp. Worst sleeping situation I can remember.
    There were also dogs here that barked. I don’t like barking dogs on my vacation because I’m not a dog person, and I don’t enjoy being around strange dogs that might bite me. I didn’t realize this was an establishment that accepts dogs.
    Also, in the kitchen, the counter overhangs the drawer so you have to literally lift the counter up to get to the utensils.
    There were posted threats that if you don’t recycle they will charge you $100. Not exactly a nice thing to see when on vacation. You’d think they could take care of the garbage on their own since we are paying to stay there.
    Another annoyance: They don’t clean your room each day. If you want fresh towels, you have to gather them up in your arms and trek over to the office to exchange them yourself for new towels.
    In the living room, the TV is too high up on the wall and the couch is right underneath it. To watch TV, you have to sit on the couch and look up very high. It causes a lot of neck strain.
    The couch was lumpy and lopsided.
    There was no room to move around in “living room.” If anyone is sitting on the couch, you have to step over their legs to get to the kitchen and bathroom. Way too cramped.
    The shower had low water pressure and you had to wait a long time for hot water to arrive.
    On the porch, there were loose floorboards near the entrance.
    We had to check out early because of the lack of AC. We couldn’t even sleep it was so bad with the heat.
    All in all, this place needs a major renovation and remodel. It needs structural reinforcing at the very least. Maybe other cabins are better, but we would not stay here again.

  4. family owned very well managed great peeps went for the end of bike week in June lucky enough to get unit 17 very clean right next to Lincoln and all that goes on lost river road is a must!! trust me… thanks Kim Rick Cindy !!! see you next year ….. everybody do your self a favor and book with these guys!!!
    6/13 2019
    We booked in unit number 5 which was very small no kitchenette but it was very adequate right next to the river just think about them being tiny houses really that’s what these cabins are. but for the price more than fair !!!

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