5 Replies to “Peaked Hill Pond Trailhead”

  1. 1 3/4 mile hike to the pond. The trail starts as a narrow elevated one above a washed out creek bed after the gate and to the left of the shack. It is a gentle forest road climb to the pond with one short moderate incline around the area where you hear and barely see a cascading stream that likely originates from the pond. The wide path, more of a jeep road, is relatively straight and uninteresting, though peaceful. The destination, the pond framed with the mountain backdrop, is the main reason to take this hike.
    The bloodsucking trifecta of mosquitoes, black flies, and ticks were out in force today.
    A good trail to take those who are not capable of climbing more rigorous trail.

  2. Nice hike and pretty pond, but the bugs we’re really, really bad along the when second half of the hike, including at the pond. Another hiker we met told us that this trail is always really buggy.

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