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  1. We had such an amazing time at Bretton Woods Stables. They were easy to find and the staff were warm and friendly. We were able to easily sign up and pay over the phone beforehand, which was very convenient. Upon arrival, the staff immediately greeted us and assisted with picking out our riding helmets before showing us the stables. They introduced us to the horses, which were all wonderful and very friendly. The ride itself was peacefully scenic with just enough variety to keep things exciting for us as beginners. The horses behaved flawlessly and hardly needed any instructions at all. I would absolutely recommend Bretton Woods to anyone looking for a nice memorable experience regardless of their skill level or familiarity with horses. I had given this activity to my girlfriend as a birthday gift this Summer, and we could not be more pleased with how it turned out. We will definitely be coming back in near future.

  2. We like staying in historic and old hotels-they have so much character and of course, history. Omni Mount Washington is no exception. This grand, historic hotel is noted for the Bretton Woods International Monetary Conference. The hotel is stately and elegant. The grounds are absolutely beautiful-an indoor and outdoor pool, tennis courts, golf course, kids areas, the list goes on. It was wonderful to just sit on the veranda and watch the view. As an older hotel, the rooms are smaller than you might expect, with limited work space. The floors can be creaky so you’ll hear sounds from the rooms above and around. Front desk staff were professional and efficient. Bellman was excellent. The restaurant and bar servers seem to be less interested in service. Free or valet parking. Resort Fee.

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