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  1. Best place for a quiet getaway for families and couples. Just came up for my third time and it gets better every time. Love it here!

  2. I get two weeks off per year, and the owners of Okie Dokey Cabins ruined my “vacation” to New Hampshire. They then charged me $1,300.
    I paid for two weeks to stay at this place.
    I checked in at 6:00pm and within two hours I became nauseated because they use a compost toilet in the cabin which causes the cabin to stink like a heavily-use outhouse; the longer you are in it, the more the stench saturates your nostrils, bedding and clothes.
    As it was dark outside, and I had nowhere else to go, I attempted to get through the night.
    I was awake all night, and feeling a lot of stress. It was pitch black outside. The stench inside was overwhelming. Along with my nauseated stomach, I developed a throbbing headache. I paced the cabin, just waiting for daylight, so that I could evacuate.
    At 3:30am, my heart went into atrial fibrillation. I took extra doses of medication, and was forced to lay on the plastic mattress. The foul odor in the cabin was overwhelming.
    When the sky lightened, I managed to put my belongings into the trunk of my car, and left to go to a hospital.
    I called the owners that morning and told them what had happened; that I was unable to stay in the cabin another minute due to the horrible smell, and that I was suffering from a heart problem (likely triggered due to the stress of the night).
    They did not care.
    They refused any refund.
    They charged me for TWO weeks.
    I challenged the charge, but the owners provided a copy of my signature to my credit card company, and received my money.

  3. Nice place but charge you at every angle they can. cost almost 700 to stay for 3 nights alot for a place that you sleep on a terrible jail matress have to bring your own linen, toilet paper, paper towels and towels, plus you have to clean your place for them before you leave. No a/c had none exiting wifi.

  4. The owners are amazing! Both were so helpful and available for anything we needed. The kitchens are modern, the tv is smart, and the wifi is fast. But this place is so relaxing, and there are so many fun things to do in the area, we only used the tv once! And we ended up turning it off because everyone had wandered outside!
    I will definitely be coming back.

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