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  1. If you love Raspberry pie, this is the place! They have the regular baked fruit pie but then they also have the refrigerated fresh pie. OMG…it is absolutely amazing! It doesn’t have that gooey, super sweet gel consistency but is light with whole raspberries and a flaky light crust. The food is always good and hot. The wait staff is extremely personable and friendly.

  2. Over the summer, Berlin has two main draws: ATV week and the Northland Dairy Bar. The dairy bar is a mainstay of the area, with its main draws being its fried seafood and many ice cream flavors. This place specializes in comfort food, with lots of choices of sides and lots of calories to go with them. The decor doesn’t really match that (it’s more of a vacuous hotel/post office) but that means you never have to worry about getting a table. If you’re in the area and looking for a place to go out, there’s no better place

  3. I wanted to like this place more. The service was pretty good, if nothing to write home about. We waited almost an hour for food, and when it came, it was barely warm. My roast turkey dinner had about a tablespoon of stuffing and one small scoop of mashed potatoes. The flavors were there, but better had it been at least warm. The side dish of squash was hot and seasoned nicely, so kudos to the garnish chef. The only reason that this review made it to 3 stars was the dessert. Fresh raspberry pie was incredible. Chocolate lava cake was really good too.

  4. We stopped in for dessert one night and loved it so much we went back the next day for dinner. The dinner was so good. Adult cocktails are delicious, I got the Autumn coffee so yummy. Service is awesome as well. So friendly

  5. Wonderful find. Best part is the views of the river from up above. You can often see an eagle, dear, and other wildlife. The fried haddock was great. Wouldn’t do the sweet potato fries again they were crinkle-fries. Very friendly staff.

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