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  1. Super cute and cozy cabins. Great price with an amazing view! Very clean and owner was super friendly. Only downside was the shower was a bit on the small side but it’s doable. Totally would stay there again and might make it a yearly trip!

  2. I’ve been staying with mountain view for 20 years and continue to vacation here as an adult now. Always kind service, always welcoming. Any issues which are few and far between get resolved immediately!

  3. Let me just start with I never write a review and I especially never write bad reviews, however, the response we received is inexcusable. We rent campsite 80 for $82.00 a night. We thought this amount was expensive for pitching a tent but it was on the lake and our friends were staying in other camp sites in the park.

    When we arrived on Friday and realized that the campsite is very close to the main road (can see our tent from main road close) which turned out to be a trucking route, only a few trees blocked our view of two extremely full dumpsters and the employee parking lot, on top of the about half the site was covered in sewer caps and a sewer tube. I looked at the campground map and the sewer caps were conveniently not shown even those it takes up quite a bit of the site. We still give them the benefit of the doubt and pitched our tent as the park was clean and full of amenities.

    During the entire stay our site was extremely buggy down by the lake and with all the rain throughout the weekend the sewer started to smell in addition to the constant slight smell of trash. Throughout the three nights no one slept (we all sleep like dead people – nothing wakes our children and they were up)- first the road with the constant trucks passing by at high speed, and then the garbage truck on Monday emptying the dumpsters at 7:00 am which caused a even stronger trash smell as we cleaned up the site and the lingering sewer smell that haunted the site from Saturday to Monday.

    On Monday at check out – I asked for a small refund due to camping on top of a sewer that smelled, the closeness to the road, and the emptying of the dumpsters. I said that I felt mislead by their map on the website – no sewer pipes and looks like it is farther from the road and dumpsters. The woman at the desk told me that I should have come to them earlier and asked to be moved. I did – I asked to be moved on Saturday and was told there was no where to move – all the sites were rented. I was also told I should have been explicit about the sewer smell on Saturday and they would have been down to do something – what I don’t know. I again asked for a small refund and was told there is nothing they could do – they don’t give refunds. When I mentioned that I would make a review – I was suddenly told the owners would call me to discuss our stay and possible refund. That was three weeks ago and no call from the owners and no small refund.

    I will never stay at this campground again.

    It is extremely clean and well maintained – I just thought for $82.00 plus rooms and meals tax that I wouldn’t be sleeping on top of a sewer, next to a stinky dumpster and a trucking route.

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