5 Replies to “Littleton Diner”

  1. Lovely Service, very personable. Great food selection for a Diner. Reminds me of a quaint friendly place in a small town.

    Highly Recommend for wonderful and friendly experience.

  2. We try to make this place our last stop in NH before we sadly return back home to Massachusetts. It’s small and simple.. but the best places are!

  3. Have always gone there for the wonderful people and tasty burgers but this time was by far the best visit ever. I happened to notice a “Irish sandwich” on the menu with corned beef, cabbage and smoked provolone. My god!! that was by far THE best sandwich I’ve ever had. Well worth the $10 and change price.

  4. I go every year with my family as part of Laconia Bike Week and it never fails to impress! The food is varied and tastes excellent, and as for the service, it is extremely homely! The waitresses couldn’t be more friendlier!

  5. Let’s put this way.. I lived in Littleton 24 years ago and unfortunately have only began to revisit but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the welcoming of this cool little diner! There were no shopping plazas back then and therefore now I just walk down Main st, enjoy the views and of course stop at the diner before heading home. Same great food, same great price and same great feelings!

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