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  1. We were the only ones. Great service. Waitress was honest. Please ask what’s good. Things here, are not good, just because it’s expensive. We had great food, but if i didnt ask……..well you know.

  2. What a disappointment. The owner of this place also owns black mountain burger, which we ate at yesterday and it was phenomenal. Unfortunately la vista is the complete opposite. Both dinners tasted so old. They were rubbery and gross. The service is good though. The hours are ridiculous as well but oh well. We will not be returning to this place.

  3. La Vista is a great restaurant that really lives up to the upscale-casual Google description. When my girlfriend and I walked in we were greeted by the host, a older gentleman who was very helpful. Although at the moment they didn’t have anything available except for at the bar (which we couldn’t sit at as 18 year olds), he first suggested we be allowed to go to the pizza bar with access to the full restaurant. Although a table did open up for us, this was a very nice gesture that was appreciated. Once we arrived at the table we were very quickly welcomed by our waitress, who also arrived with a nice side of bread served with oil and vinegar, which was, quite frankly, delicious. After an amazing dinner of fettuccine alfredo that was filling and huge (we brought some home), we were asked about dessert, which we shared. We had the Triple Chocolate Pie, which, again, was amazing. I would 100% revisit this restaurant if I was in the area again.

  4. I thought the worst bc they asked us to wait 15 minutes and there were tables avail; let me tell you it was worth the wait!!! Breakfast was delicious. We had the burrito and croissant sandwich . Angelique our waitress she was great. The Toast you were great!!!

  5. Good foodand fine service. One can enjoy panoramic views of the mountains. Reserve in advance to avoid wait time.

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