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  1. Very pricey for the amount of food you get. The food had no spice. I order the soup..chicken tortilla soup.. Gross… It was shredded chicken. No spices in can of chicken broth… The chips and dip.. Nothing speical.. The salsas tasted bland and worse than store bought… The main course was shrimp fajitas and no spice and shrimp was dry… 😐😐😐😐 service was slow

  2. This will be the first time I have ever written a review on any place in my life but I just couldn’t resist. This was probably the worst meal I’ve ever had in my life, not just the worst Mexican food, but the very worst meal i have ever had, anywhere….

    The service itself was fine, nothing outstanding but they were friendly enough and didn’t do anything specifically wrong. The margaritas were half way decent, but not good enough to make up for anything.

    Now for the food, I ordered both a quesadilla and a nacho and both of which I could barely consider Mexican food. The quesadilla was cheese and shredded unseasoned chicken that I’m pretty sure was microwaved and thrown into an uncooked tortilla and thrown on a plate. The nacho too looked microwaved, and I have absolutely no clue what cheese they used but it was fowl. Normally I’d think that I might’ve ordered the wrong thing on the menu but, there was not a person at my table that could choke down their meals either. I didn’t expect much from a random Mexican restaurant in the off season of a ski town but I did at least hope to have something edible. DO NOT EAT HERE!

  3. Worst food I’ve probably ever eaten in my life. Enchiladas were swimming in a pool or tomato sauce. The rice looked like it had been popped out of a plastic cup from its shape. Chicken was extremely dry. Sent all my food back and left.

  4. The food here was absolutely amazing the free chips and salsa you get are amazing. If I had gotten take out this review would be 5 stars. The restaurant is beautiful and themed well it even has a game area for kids, although at $1 a game I hope your kids are young enough they can just pretend to play. The problem is it’s very dirty my shoes actually stuck to the floor when I walked and the table itself wasnt the cleanest I’ve seen. I wish they’d do a deep cleaning and maybe update a tiny bit and this place would be stealler. Absolutely the best food I had in the town square and best value for your money.

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