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  1. We were in Jericho Mountain State Park, NH for the Memorial Day Long Weekend. This place is so amazing that it feels like “Paradise around the corner”. The whole trip was fun filled and relaxing, There are so many amazing view points, and eye candy locations for photographers. Being one, myself, I spent a whole night star gazing in the dark skies. We all were very lucky to witness a long array of Meteor Shower, late evening.
    The people at the State Park management are so friendly and affectionate. They even provided a 60 ft long extension cord to charge my car the whole night. Bathrooms were neat and clean, The park management has taken every step to provide its visitors a top notch camping experience for a very very affordable price.
    I would love to go up there any time. Over all its a 5/5.

  2. Just got a utility ATV to use around the house and figured it would be fun to use it on some trails. A whole town where you can ride your ATV on the city streets, what’s not to love. Rented a house in town and spent a few days on the trails, saw very little of what is up there, trails go on forever. Dusty when we went and trails were supposedly a bit washed out but had fun on all the trails we rode.

  3. The cabin we rented was tidy and comfortable but be aware the light is powered by a solar battery, so there is no power in the outlets. Stars are amazing at night and most over lake in AM was serene.

  4. Absolutely breathtaking. I highly recommend and while you’re there visit Jericho Deli not far from Jericho motor sports. Great prices great food

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