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  1. Neat place. I’m not much of a backpacker but the Imp shelter area was a great experience. There is a mountain water source you can use and an outhouse (but it’s only for #2). A variety of tent platforms are available and there is one cabin next to a stunning lookout point. There is also a dish washing station and a bear box for locking up scented/food items at night.

  2. After traversing from Wildcats to Carters, the Imp Shelter was the most welcoming place I could have hoped for. The shelter is quite large, easily accommodating 8 or so people, thanks to the lofted platform sleeping area. The view overlooking the mountains afforded one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Wonderful water source, great cooking area, just an amazing spot!

  3. Great overnight experience. We dropped our backpacking packs and dayhiked a few peaks.

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