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  1. Great for sunrise. Friday night in late summer season, only one other person staying in the shelter. Pit toilet available for use with solid waste only. There is a spring, but you should still filter this water, as suggested by the caretaker. A site or spot is $10 per person per night. This shelter is a decent trek off trail (0.2 miles only, but quite downhill on stone steps), so consider this when planning. There are two large provided bear boxes for use with everyone in the site. These are in a kitchen/cooking area, where they ask that you cook to keep the debris and scents in one area.

  2. The elevator was out of service, and room service never showed up when I called… but otherwise, a great stay!

  3. Stayed this past weekend. Shauna, the caretaker was pleasant and made it a point to interact with guests. She was very detailed in explaining the rules of the site.

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