5 Replies to “Graylag Cabins”

  1. One of the hidden treasures of New England. Simply beautiful and QUIET. There’s just 4 cabins so you pretty much have the whole place for yourself — swimming, boating, hiking… The best family vacation yet.

  2. It is a wonderful place to connect with your friends or family. It’s a great break from TV and technology (with WiFi if you realy need it). The cabins are very cute and clean. The bathrooms with soaking tubs and nice fixtures are more than I expected. The property is very well maintained with lots of cute touches. I have been a few times and always see new things ever year. I hope to keep coming back every summer. In the spring time there are so many plants and flowers in bloom to enjoy and take pictures of. It would be a lot of fun to visit when the blueberries are ripe for the picking too. it is completely silent at night other than the animals. You can not hear any road noises in the almost private valley. It is so peaceful there day and night.

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