3 Replies to “Gordi’s Fish & Steak House”

  1. The bacon wrapped scallops are so tasty I ate one before taking a pic. Visited two days in a row, and scallops were great each time. Other food…, The first time was flawless. Second time was okay. Not sure if it was because they were busier, or just different staff. My suggestion is an early dinner for a better experience.

  2. It was good. The waitress was super friendly. We may have given it a better rating if they had what we wanted. They were out of the prime rib early in into the dinner service and that’s what my boyfriend wanted. We both ended up with the seafood stew but his had a ton of sauce and mine had hardly any for dipping the bread. Plus I’ve never seen mussels so small in a restaurant. The flavor was really good though. I wish I had thought to take a picture to show the difference.

  3. Excellent service and food. Our waiter was saw to it that our experience there was a good one. We were happy that we had made a reservations, otherwise we would have had quite a wait. That says something about them. We will be making a return visit.

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