3 Replies to “Franconia Notch State Park”

  1. Clean beauty at its most Majestic. Gods glory is on full display. The peaks are bare top. These hikes require you to be in good physical condition. Do not attempt unless you are. The views are worth the hike to the top. There are many geological sites in this rather Condensed area. Just beautiful.

  2. Amazing place. Wow. What a great place to go. Everyone should get up there once in your life, at least. I will be making this a regular yearly thing now. My kids loved it and it was beautiful. Not to mention historical and lots of memories can be made in these types of places. I can’t wait to go back and take a lot more pictures. So beyond the look out for more additional pictures from Franconia Notch State Park!

  3. Love this place. Such wonderful scenery. I have been coming here since I was a little kid. This is now one of many trips I have taken my own kids here to see this place. So peaceful and well maintained. Please come here and enjoy the views.

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