3 Replies to “El Charro”

  1. My fiance and I loved the vibe of El Charro. It had these beautiful paintings on the wall and rustic decor. The waiter was kind and quick. The food was fantastic and had large portions. Unfortunately, didn’t get a margarita that time but hopefully next!

  2. Great place. Dynamite and authentic Mexican cuisine, well executed. Quick and attentive service.

    Great menu, good beer list.

    Staff is awesome. As soon as they heard it was our buddy’s birthday, they insisted on doing the “special birthday dessert,” which consisted of fried ice cream, prepared table-side with all the trimmings. Don’t know if they break that out for every birthday, but it was tasty, very well presented, and worthy of a good tip.

    Go hiking in the Whites often, And love tacos as an after hike treat. This place has definitely earned a spot as our go-to after-hike taco spot.

  3. First time in the area and looking for something different. El Charro was a great find. Food was amazing service was fast and friendly. Selection was good. Kids liked the food and atmosphere as well. Large portions filled everyone up. Would definitely go again.

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