4 Replies to “Eastern Slope Camping Area”

  1. Called for reservations for Labor Day weekend, was given a list of open campsites and told there was a three night minimum. Upon call back was informed it was now a 4 night minimum. Shady business at this place folks!

  2. The campground was great. We had tubes that we took on the Saco River that curls all the way around the campground. They were short on help this year, so maintenance was a little behind. We go annually and usually no complaints.

  3. Never had a worse experience. The campground is big. The staff uninterested. The toiletbuilding old and very dirty. Don’t go here. When I informed the staff about the dirt in the toilet building they said they were going to fix it. Nothin had happened when I returned.

  4. Beautiful location on the Saco river, we very much enjoyed the beaches, especially the dog friendly beach. We stayed in a cabin and were quite happy with it, other than the fact that it was not cleaned very well and had dirt/sand in the bathroom and a pair of women’s underwear under the bed. The place could use some serious updating. I used the washer and dryer since we were there a week and it took 3 cycles to actually dry my laundry (mind you it was not a large load). My son was so excited to see all the the arcade games, just to be disappointed that majority of them were out of order. Kids had a fun time on the hayride and enjoyed the ice cream social. The golf cart patrolling at night was out of control. We were up in a very quiet area and every 15 mins or so a golf cart would come strolling though, as slow and possible and would make random stops, never saying a word, no wave or anything. I understand policing the area but this was a bit much, especially because the first night the lights weren’t even on and he was just shining a flashlight. Suggestion, don’t make your guests feel as if they are doing something wrong! You want to patrol the area, that’s one thing, but a simple wave and a smile would come off a lot nicer than a miserable man sneaking around on a dark golf cart.

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