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  1. Very nice staff and a quaint little store that had good coffee and everything you could need while camping (we bought extra blankets – it was chilly!). Our campsite was nice and clean, and the camp sites are nicely spaced apart so you can’t hear everything your neighbor is doing. The bathrooms where better than expected, the pay per minute showers stay hot. Portapotties sprinkled throughout the grounds too. The mosquitoes and black flies are intense, bring the good repellent!

    Only two bummers, that I can’t blame on the campsite or staff or anything, they are super pet friendly and we had several incidents with unleashed dogs roaming onto our campsite and people bringing their pets into areas clearly marked no pets allowed. That’s on other guests not following the rules, there were signed posted.

    The other thing was that was the swimming hole on the river. Thought it’d be a place we could take our daughter swimming, but it is really just like most spots on the river, hard to access over the dry river bed and very rocky once you get to the water. Not suitable for little children. But it says swimming hole, not beach, so we live and learn.

    Overall a good value, very reasonably priced, nice campsites and not far from lots of stuff to do. We’d go back!

  2. Okay campsites, not much privacy. Not an awful price for a weekend of camping but they do charge extra depending on the age of people coming. Some of the sites back right up into the highway. Not to mention the overflowing dumpsters stinking up the general area near the bath house. They charge you quarters to use the shower, yet don’t have a quarter machine. So if you plan on showering after 8 when the store closes, forget it – or get quarters in advance. The man inside the store is also extremely rude to customers. I personally will be looking elsewhere for next year.

  3. Loved this place! We did a family vacation with all our extended family and it was the perfect place to go. Cabins and yurts were lovely, new, and clean, with small accommodations considered that were above and beyond. Although the cabins were near the road, you could easily get a site that was very rustic and removed if you wanted to tent. We found the staff very friendly and helpful, along with the other campers, everyone minded their own business but were friendly and considerate. Great place for kids to ride bikes with a good level of freedom, and the landscape near the river bed was just gorgeous. Would definitely return!

  4. Great campground! Friendly staff! We appreciate how most sites are not too close together. Easy drive to Mt Washington or North Conway.

  5. Customer service is lacking. The tent sites are a good size and spaced out nicely. The services at the tent sites are minimal.

    My biggest issue with this place is the customer service. As a small business they have the option to bend the rules to wave some costs. This would have made me feel good about staying there and want to go back. Instead they blindly stick to their policies without considering the circumstance. If they decide you actually do deserve some money back, they only give store credit. You have no choice but to spend the money with them or lose it.

    Their tent site pricing doesn’t seem fair. It felt like they were trying to get as much money out of us as possible. If you have more than two adults, you have to pay extra per adult because “they use up more resources”. What resources? It’s a tent site with a porta-potty.

    If you get there after 9 PM there is a late check in fee.

    Maybe they are struggling to get by and need to charge as much as possible? It made me feel ripped off. They will not be getting my return business. My hope is that this and other negative reviews will incentives the business to give customers the benefit of the doubt and consider what would be a fair way to handle abnormal circumstances.

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