4 Replies to “Cranmore Mountain Resort”

  1. Had a great time. Snow tubing was nice except we couldn’t slide down as a group to get a group photo. So it wasn’t worth trying to get the photos. Their pricing is very high for the single ride is only good for 1 ride and not once per attraction. They could have sanded a few walk ways they were very slippery.

  2. They were AMAZING! They knew how to treat there customers and made sure that we had the best time there. They made sure we were comfortable and they kept us safe. A little pricey but WORTH it. THANKS CRANMORE

  3. We went on a Sunday and the line to ride ratio was just fine. The rides were fun! Our five year old loved several of them and went on them multiple times each. The only negative was the “brunch” at the top of the mountain. We had never been to this mountain before and were expecting table service. What we got was counter service that was pricey for what was served (which was not great – one of the sausage patties that was served had clearly been sitting on the grill top for far too long – my wife and I each got one served to us). We had a lot of fun overall though!

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