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  1. The customer service here is horrible. We stayed 4 nights with a large group of people who we have camped with before.–A very respectful group of people– With a 12ft trailer and busy road we made the quick bad decision of pulling into our campsite before checking in, it was already paid for. We were flagged down and scolded like children even though we sincerely apologised. It’s not like we damaged anything or were looking for a free stay. It took the owner a while to get over this and copped an attitude through out check in. After that, he watched us like hawks the rest of the trip, waiting for us to break his rules so he could lay down the law. We rented 4 RV sites and 1 tent site for 4 nights. I don’t think we should have got our butts kissed, but a smile would have been nice considering we were the only campers after Sunday. We were polite the whole time, apologized for every minor infraction. I figured he had owned this place for years and was sick of punks trashing it. Turns out he’s just a grumpy man in the wrong business for only a year. We should have read the reviews ahead of time. I work too hard to be babysat on my vacation.

  2. The wifi don’t work that well I had to go to the boat lanch to make a important call. The owner is kind of a jerk. But the people are so nice and very friendly. Well most of them.

  3. The owners were very, very friendly! I loved the scene and the campground was very clean. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to go on a small vacation!!

  4. Beautiful lake for swimming. Kids loved it. Nice cabins. Very accommodating campground. Would highly recommend !!!!

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