5 Replies to “Burke Cottage Rentals”

  1. Awesome place! Owner is really nice, cottage is awesome, great washroom and shower facilities, fire pit 👌, there’s also a brewery right next door if you happen to go on the days they’re open

  2. Cozy rustic cottage.
    Gail the owner is great.
    Everything you need, towels, wash cloth, dish soap, coffee maker, …
    Fire pit available. Gail sales wood.
    Volleyball court is available in the land.
    Will return!

  3. Gail, the owner is super cool! The cottages are really well located near the kingdom trails and not too far from East Burke village. Great place to camp, the cottages are rustics and very practical if you want a roof on your head overnight. Will go back!

  4. A bit hard to get in contact with owner. Otherwise it’s a great place. It’s not clamping by any means but so much nicer than camping in the woods.

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