5 Replies to “Black Bear Lodge – Waterville Valley, NH”

  1. I arrived late at night and was given a room with a horrific chemical smell. The smell was so strong I couldn’t sleep. In the morning when I went to shower the bathroom was filthy and there was hair in the tub. The toilet seat was broken and the refrigerator was filthy. The room was “cleaned” but basically that meant pulling the sheets up on the bed (didn’t take out the trash or clean the bathroom). I requested another room and was given a much better room….until the door lock wouldn’t work consistently. So they gave me the option to change rooms again, but the options were horrible. The decor hasn’t changed since 1980, it is dirty and things don’t work. The staff asked me to just leave my stuff in the room despite there not being a lock on the door. They said they would watch the room and then went into a back office. I am pregnant and was here for a conference and the food was consistently food that pregnant women are not allowed to eat. This has easily been one of the worst, if not worst, “resort” I have ever stayed at.

  2. I’ve only been here during the summer months so I am not sure what the place is like during the winter ski months. I’ve stayed here a couple times in the summer and it was a very enjoyable time the couple times I have stayed here. Lots of room in the place and lots to do nearby over at Franconia Notch. Also Town Square is really nice with the shops and the lake. I give it 4 stars cause the place is starting to show it’s age and could use some updating but overall I’d still recommend this place for a nice get-away trip!

  3. I LOVE Black Bear. I have been coming for 11 years. All the activities and rooms are amazing!!! I think this is the only hotel with such nice staff. That’s why I am rating you guys 5 starts. If I could rate 100 or more starts I would. I love you black bear.

  4. Very pleased with our stay. The Freedom Pass is a great addition to the stay package.

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