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  1. ZIP TOUR: this is a review of the longest Zip Line at Attitash. I have done a few zip tours recently and I found this one to be mildly fun. If you’ve never done one I’m sure you’ll find it a thrill – but the fun lasts just a few minutes. Other zip tours I have done involve some off-road vehicle, climbing some treetop platforms, hiking thought the forest and it’s pretty thrilling for an hour or so. This was very efficient: you take a chairlift to the top, launch off a platform and whizz down – very high and very fast – until to slow yourself as you approach the bottom platform. It’s fun but not my favorite.

  2. This place was bigger than I expected. The only thing they could improve on is having more dishes like bake wear. I don’t think the dishwasher in our unit was working correctly. It didn’t seem to clean them & there was a clump of soap still in it after running it. Other than those 2 things the beds were comfortable, we had plenty of space, and there was always something to do.

  3. This could have been an excellent day because the rides were all fun, they give a military discount and the lines weren’t bad to start with. Later when the many families with little kids arrived, the lines were very long, the little ones were afraid on the alpine slide stopping along the tube which is VERY dangerous. It is meant to be a “big kid ride” where you go fast. I saw one person get hit from behind because she was stopped be on a blind curve. There were no employees posted anywhere along the track to watch for accidents. We crept down the mountain behind a scared 6 year old, 10 carts deep. No fun whatsoever and very dangerous. There should be a line for children and one for adults on alpine slide. A man stopped his cart to retrieve his hat! Again, very dangerous. We decided to cut our day short. This is an accident waiting to happen.

  4. The mountain coasters are fun if you don’t mind the wait. Water slides were fun. If you can make it on a day that’s not super crowded it’s definitely a fun day, although expensive. We went in the summer so no idea on the skiing.

  5. Attitash has a great clubhouse and pool set up with both nice indoor and a great outdoor pool setup. Staff are very helpful and many lodging choices. Love being out of crowded North Conway.

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