5 Replies to “AMC Lonesome Lake Hut”

  1. A picturesque log cabin that is right on lonesome lake and open 365 days a year. A great place to buy snacks, refill water, or warm up on a cold winter day. Also offers shelter for hikers. Has a beautiful view of the lake and Mt. Lafayette

  2. Great first hut experience for our almost 6 year old daughter. She loved swimming in the lake, the delicious food, the friendly staff, and staying in a bunk bed overnight. The hike up there is short, but very rocky; glad we all had proper hiking shoes.

  3. The AMC uses the monopoly the forest service grants them to essentially extort money from visitors to the white mountains. Its an elitist organization at best, not really interested in anything more than the $$$ generated. Consider what you can do in europe for the same money……

  4. Great little hike w our 4yr old for an introduction to AMC huts. Wonderful staff and beautiful facility within a easily doable 1.5mi hike. Good food, no light at night light the heavens and new friends to talk to at.all hours

  5. While the staff was exceptional, what was even more exceptional was all of the other Lodge mates. Every single person was positive and kind. These are the people I would want to be surrounded with while having a “lonesome” experience at Lonesome Lake Lodge.

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