3 Replies to “AMC Carter Notch Hut”

  1. Well worth the trek into the woods. Set alongside a small pond between Carter dome and Wildcat Mountain. The 19 mile brook trail is doable by most ages. In the winter you have to pack your own food in. If you stay during the summer the AMC staff prepare dinner and breakfast for you.

  2. Enjoyed this hut very much; it felt very remote, as you really can’t see it until you’re right in front of it. The hike was fairly easy from the 19 mile trailhead parking lot (which is only 3.8 miles, NOT 19, phew!), although it’s quite rocky and steep at the end. My husband and daughter swam in the lake which was nice, albeit cold, and we enjoyed having a room to ourselves (2 bunk beds/4 beds in each room, unlike some of the other AMC huts)!

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